Tim Fitt

TF Notifications - Wordpress Plugin

Keep your visitors up to date with notifications across your organisation.

How to use

    • Click "Notifications" in the WordPress administration navigation (1).
    • Click "Add New" (2).
    • Step 1
    • Enter a title (3).
    • Enter the notification main content (4).
    • If using the lightbox feature, enter the content to be displayed in the lightbox to the Excerpt (5).
    • Check "Featured" (6) to include the notification in the featured shortcode.
    • Check "Display in lightbox" (7) to include the notification in a lightbox.
    • Select a start date (8) to show when the notification begins.
    • Select an end date (9) to show when the notification ends.
    • If you would like to show the notification outside of the start/end dates, select a "Display Date/Time" (10).
    • When the notification is finished, select "Complete" (11).
    • Enter or select a reason for the notification (12).
    • Enter or select who will be affected by the notification (13).
    • Step 2
    • Notification archive page.
    • Step 3
    • "Featured" shortcode - fading between notifications.
    • Step 4
    • Show notifications in a table using table shortcode.
    • Step 5
    • "Show in lightbox".
    • Step 6


[tf_important_notification speed=4000]

The above shortcode will display your notifications that have been flagged as "Featured".

This example waits 4 seconds before fading out and then in to the next notification.

[tf_notification_table count=3]

This shortcode displays a table of all current and past notifications.

The example above will only show the latest 3 current notifications, and the last 3 past notifications.


  1. Unzip and upload `tf-notifications` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory;
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.


Download TF Notifications Wordpress plugin