Tim Fitt


With over 20 years of experience I have gained a lot of varying knowledge and enjoy learning new things even now.

Below is a list of my skills education and some brief information on places I have worked at.


My most competent skills so far.



I have been working with PHP from the very beginning of my career where I was introduced to the language by a work colleague.

Many versions and years later, PHP is my primary server-side language of choice.



This is where it all began, first learning HTML at home with very limited online resources, to furthering my knowledge at university while studying Information Technology.

My skills in HTML is what brought on my first job.



As with HTML, CSS is something I have been working for a very long time.

Starting out writing inline code to now where I prefer to implement SASS or LESS to simplify my code.



Rounding out the big 3, I have used JavaScript in many different applications over the years.

Starting out creating simple form validation to now using jQuery and ES6 as well as using it in React, Angular and VueJS.



WordPress has always been my CMS of choice over the years, working with it on all levels from configuration, theming and plugin development.

I currently have a number of plugins available on the WordPress Plugins site.



I have been working with Drupal since D7 and have created sites using the base distribution as well as GovCMS.

My experience is across all areas of Drupal - configuration, theming and module development.



My experience with Laravel has been on and off over the years and to get my knowledge right up there I have created this site using this framework.

The front-end component is using Blade templates.



Using databases has been a major part of my career and MySQL/MariaDB is my personal preference.

Other database experience is using MSSQL and SQLite to a lesser degree.


A list of different studies I have completed.

Information Technology

LaTrobe University

Studied a Bachelor of Information Technology at the LaTrobe University in Bendigo. This where I had my first taste of programming in Java.


LaTrobe University

Studied a Bachelor of Business with a major in accounting at the LaTrobe University in Bendigo. Both my degrees were at the same time.

Scrum Master


Completed the Scrum Master certification while working for a previous company in Canberra called Oakton.



As I am always looking to futher my knowledge I have completed various online certificates on C#, Unity and Python to name a few.


My experiences at work.

Personal Projects

Ongoing home projects

Various websites built in WordPress, Drupal and Laravel. Games built in Unity with C#. Mobile applications/games for iOS using ObjectC and Swift.

Senior Developer

Oxide Interactive 2022-2023

Senior Developer on Drupal 9 sites, mainly using the GovCMS SaaS environment. Oversee and mentor junior developers. Site building/configuration and custom theme/twig building using Bootstrap 5 and SASS.

Business Owner/Operator

Under the Drone 2019/2022

Business owner and aerial photographer using drones. Photography for real estate, businesses, TV, inspections and special occasions.

Senior Developer and Technical Lead

Oakton 2018-2019

Technical Lead and Senior Developer on Drupal 7 and 8 government sites. As the Technical Lead I mentored a small team of Drupal developers, giving advice where needed and looking over their work.

Application Developer

Department of Defence (contract) 2016-2017

Ongoing contract to maintain and expand a member and activities management system. Upgrading custom PHP system from PHP4 to PHP7.

Senior Consultant

Oakton 2016

Hired as a Senior Consultant for the new digital team in the Canberra office. Tasks included advising on programming best practices, server management and hiring staff.

PHP Developer

APIR Systems 2014-2016

Senior PHP Developer. Duties include creating new in-house PHP/WordPress based websites and applications which talk to a Java backend via REST calls. Custom WordPress plugins.

WordPress/.NET Developer

Department of Parliamentary Sevices (contract) 2013-2014

An initial 3 month contract which had multiple extensions. The main purpose of this role was to build a custom WordPress solution for an Intranet within Parliament House. Additional work included creating API's using C# .NET

Senior Developer

Zoo Advertising 2011-2013

Many government clients. Direct contact to clients. Run workshops, quote jobs, train clients in CMS use. Working with typical languages such as PHP and C# .NET

Senior Developer

Lovedesign Group 2010-2011

The work was all web based using the usual languages and applications such as PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and WordPress. I also built a custom CMS for a client in PHP.

Application Developer/Server Administrator


Custom PHP development, database and linux server administration (Apache), other applications built using C# .NET, Java (Beans) and ObjectiveC (iOS).

Senior Developer

LucyMedia 2009

Build and maintain database driven websites, some tables containing millions of rows of data. PHP and standard web stack.

Senior Developer

Acidgreen 2008

Build and maintain database driven websites. Slice designs into dynamic websites. Custom code osCommerce modules as per client requests. Work with clients to determine project requirements. PHP and C# .NET

Senior Developer/Server Administrator

EMAP 2006-2007

Maintain and add to database driven websites. Setup and administer apache web server. Delegate tasks to contractors. General IT assistance around the office. Handle purchasing and DNS for new domains.

Web Developer

Web Matrix 2002-2005

My role began with HTML and ASP updates to websites and worked its way to managing small to medium business clients where I organised meetings and delegated tasks where appropriate. These new sites were all built using PHP.